Saturday, January 3, 2015

After We had put Alexis’s and Stefani to bed all dolled up in pretty, frilly little nighties with matching panties Mistress Stern and I instructed the two of them that they were to keep their hands on top of the covers and that they should try and prevent staining their dainties by keeping their minds on makeup , hair styles and fingernail polish instead of what they were wearing until they were fast asleep.

Mistress Stern and I then turned the lights off and shut their bedroom door.

I Had booked an interview, for me and Mistress Stern with another sweet little femboy that had been referred to us by his girlfriend after she had a long discussion about what she thought would be best for him.

Now let me first say that when we got back home the two little pantyboys were fast asleep and everything seemed just right.  We have very high security at the compound and there are cameras everywhere.   The night stewardess a Pantyboy that had worked herself into one of the positions that we provide for all of the little femboys that adopt the trappings of silk, lace and obedience told us that there was some activity on the bedroom and that we should review the footage stamped between 6:00 PM and 8:30 PM.

Well here is some of the highlights of what we found to be going on after Mistress Stern and I left for the interview.         
Well the little princesses had a time of it didn’t they.   We keep them edged while under training it keeps them more compliant; you can see if you look closely that the little pantyboy that was fucking his partners little boy pussy ejaculated twice without going soft; once in that tight little pantyboy pussy and then once on his lovers Pantyboy G-Spot.   The other one shows some redeeming quality, this little Pantyboy has really taken to receiving dick as a girl would; you can hear her moaning Oh Yah Fuck Me   

I just had to post this one out to you. I have a 32.2 Meg version of it so I had to scale down this one in order to get its size within limits; but if you click on the picture you will see that it is still a good size for those of you who like to collect them like I do.

It is not mine it is from another one of the artist that I admire.

How about it is she not the cutest little tease?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

As promised here is one of the pages from inside the December 2013 issue of PantyBoy Illustrated.   The picture is only one of the many used to describe the makeup of an exclusive and privet Island resort-community.   Detailing the lavish life style of the very rich and privileged Mistresses and Disciplinarians; the handpicked femboys that serve and live in the community and among these femboys, the very privileged, that are labeled as PantyBoys.  

On the west side of the Island there is a popular tourist destination. At its center is where this exclusive community is located.   The community remains privet by being walled off on three sides with a ring of penthouse apartments that are filled with little boutique shops, on the bottom floor; but-up alongside famous department stores and office buildings that are open to the tourist and workers that let out on the inside to indoor-malls that lead outsiders right back out the front.   On the remaining side of the community there is a privet harbor with privet Beaches; waterfront-patrolled by a hired security service.      

All of the jobs at the boutiques and some of the jobs at the department stores and offices are filled by femboys. The most coveted jobs, in all of the luxurious lingerie and women's fashion are held by the Adopted and privileged PantyBoys.   An adopted PantayBoy is a special classification in the hierarchy of the community; more about that in an upcoming article.    


I have titled this one how to frame a PantyBoy.

From the December 2013 issue of PantyBoy Illustrated, Page 32; we explain how a panty boy should be as pretty as any little princess.   With one exception her little panty-dolly should always be obviously displayed or easily exposed.  


Mistresses and Disciplinarians all agree that a PantyBoys adorable little bulge or hard little dolly should always be delightfully incased in sweet, prissy, little feminine dainties.

Our policy has always been that PantyBoys may look for all intent and purposes; like the prettiest little girl in the room and you may have to revile their true gender-identity by removing some of their feminine attire but you will always find their little dolly incased in a pretty pair of silky and very feminine panties.
I leave you to fulfill all of your desires.
Always a pleasure in keeping your little dollies dripping with honey, Kitty Cox


Thursday, December 12, 2013

The new December Issue of PantyBoy Illustrated has us thinking about the special PantyBoy candy canes.
Just maybe I will post a few of the treasures found on the pages inside of the cover of this special December 2013 issue.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

What a wonderful sight to behold; up the skirt of a little PantyBoy

Saturday, November 16, 2013

In my fantasy community of a mixed group of very sexy dominant young Traps that seek to find young adult pretty boys that are petite in stature that are still trying to hide the fact that they want to be pretty little girls.   
Their effeminate appearance and manner give them away. 
Traps love to trap so that is just what they do; by coaxing the boys out of their awful drab boys life so they can finally admittedly say I want to be a GIRL badly

You can tell that they are very happy to be the feminine little girl that they have suppressed for so long as evidenced in this video of a young PantyBoy that just got her new breast implants. 
I must point out the her fair sized littlie clitty remains heard as a rock the entire time and she is completely obedient, never touching her self without permission.
I love the slapping sound as the privileged-bear-cock bottoms out in her newly found love tunnel.   Please enjoy the video , Kitty Cox
I apologize that I have not posted for quite some time but here it is in the spirit of anonymity I have still managed something tempting.