Saturday, January 3, 2015

After We had put Alexis’s and Stefani to bed all dolled up in pretty, frilly little nighties with matching panties Mistress Stern and I instructed the two of them that they were to keep their hands on top of the covers and that they should try and prevent staining their dainties by keeping their minds on makeup , hair styles and fingernail polish instead of what they were wearing until they were fast asleep.

Mistress Stern and I then turned the lights off and shut their bedroom door.

I Had booked an interview, for me and Mistress Stern with another sweet little femboy that had been referred to us by his girlfriend after she had a long discussion about what she thought would be best for him.

Now let me first say that when we got back home the two little pantyboys were fast asleep and everything seemed just right.  We have very high security at the compound and there are cameras everywhere.   The night stewardess a Pantyboy that had worked herself into one of the positions that we provide for all of the little femboys that adopt the trappings of silk, lace and obedience told us that there was some activity on the bedroom and that we should review the footage stamped between 6:00 PM and 8:30 PM.

Well here is some of the highlights of what we found to be going on after Mistress Stern and I left for the interview.         
Well the little princesses had a time of it didn’t they.   We keep them edged while under training it keeps them more compliant; you can see if you look closely that the little pantyboy that was fucking his partners little boy pussy ejaculated twice without going soft; once in that tight little pantyboy pussy and then once on his lovers Pantyboy G-Spot.   The other one shows some redeeming quality, this little Pantyboy has really taken to receiving dick as a girl would; you can hear her moaning Oh Yah Fuck Me   

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